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Friday, 2 January 2015

The Best Lady Golf Balls Reviewed 2015

The Wilson Hope 12 Ball Ladies Golf Balls come in a variation of colors (pink and white) and one of the striking features about the Hope golf ball is that a percentage of the purchase price goes directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. So not only do you get great soft-feel golf balls, you’re also supporting a valid and noteworthy charity organization.

Each ball is emblazoned with the pink Hope Ribbon on its side, showing commitment to the breast cancer cause.

The lady golf balls offered by Wilson are extremely powerful off of the club face. The pink tone makes spotting the golf balls extremely easy. These soft golf balls offer bigger distances than your usual golf balls - perfect indeed for the lady golfer.

These golf balls make an excellent addition to matching other pink colored golf equipment. The Wilson Hope lady golf ball also offers excellent performance during the hot summer months out on the golf course.

The Srixon Women's Soft Feel Golf Ball
Primarily designed for a faster club head speed of 70 mph plus the Srixon two-core ladies golf ball still offers fantastic value for money. Any lady golfer looking to gain distance with additional control would do well with this golf ball.

In fact the additional distance is what has made this golf ball so popular. Usual available in pure white these golf balls are a firm favorite with many lady golfers looking for a well built professional style golf ball.

The Volvik Crystal 3-piece Golf Ball 
The 3 piece tour standard golf balls are not only brightly colored (pink, orange, yellow, and green) but also offer such a dynamic range of reaction to club head speeds of between 60 and 95 mph (enough to suit most lady golf players).

These slow to medium gold head club speeds will allow any player to get unprecedented distance from the club of your choice.
In addition the softness and feel of these balls is something else around the surrounding green areas. Chipping and pitching control is boosted due to the soft feel of the golf ball upon club impact. Don’t be fooled by the colors – this is a serious golf ball!

Saturday, 27 December 2014

3 Alternative Golf Balls to Try that Match the Titleist Pro V1

Having got to grips with the Titleist Pro V1 I decided it was time to look around and see if there were any alternative golf balls I should be using instead. This was not easy task as trying to beat the number one golf ball from my own personal rankings was difficult. I did however find a few real treasures in terms of driving distance, iron play, softness at the greens and putting to give Titleist a real run for its money.

Choosing a golf ball is always difficult. As a player though I know you must only ever use one type of ball. The amount of times I’ve seen players grab any old ball from their bag still shocks me. You see it’s all about consistency. Choose one golf ball and stick with it. This will rule out any X-Factor anomalies that can impact your game. Reduce the consistencies and golf gets easier! 

The Callaway HEX Warbird Golf Ball is a great choice in comparison to the Pro V1

Speed off the Club and Putting
It has a large soft core that means getting speed off of the driver and club face is phenomenal. The thin cover means it feels really soft which is essential when it comes to short-game green working. I wasn’t sure how it would putt though but its softness was a real delight as it seemed to gently compress off of the putter face. 

Low speed lift when coming off the club game me the confidence to go for the green knowing the Warbird would drop where I placed it.

HEX design is one of the key features of Callaway and I found the look and feel to be pleasing. The spin control on these balls was also very good especially when pitching in from 80 yards and less. 

The Callaway Supersoft
Heralded as the softest ball on the market with 35 compressions these squishy golf balls made me wonder – how could such a soft ball perform on the golf course? Well distance seemed great and the control off the iron clubs seemed amazing. I wish though that they were in white rather than fluorescent as I prefer a pure white golf ball. 

The super low spin dynamics made this ball fly very straight on tee shots and iron play. 

The Nike Golf 2013 Mojo
At first I thought these were too cheap to be any good. I mean how can you buy a 24 pack of golf balls for such a low price? However putting aside my economy versus quality consciousness I took a pack out for a round. When I took a Mojo out I looked at the logo and chuckled a little. It’s a great design and has a real 70’s feel if that’s your bag!

The Nike Mojo is a two piece ball that comes with a pre-printed alignment aid which is handy when you’re putting out. They felt great when chipping in shots and putting too. The soft exterior still felt comfortable when handling and flew very well off drives and iron shots. All-in-all not a bad golf ball which is perhaps aimed more at the amateur market than the other golf balls currently available. 

Before I can go I must give credence to Titleist Pro V1 as they remain outstanding golf balls. But with the other major brands competing for the number 1 position it can only be a matter of time until they’re eclipsed by more economically priced competitors.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Removing the Mental Golfing Yips

Golf is a hugely complex game, both mentally and physically yet Putting is the key to success


Even Tiger Woods gets the Yips

Removing the mental golfing yips when putting in golf requires you to understand that it is a psychological fear of missing that is causing the problem. 

To fully appreciate that the most frequently used club in your bag is your putter you can begin to perhaps understand that this is the most important component of the great game. Many golfers will never give putting the full attention it truly deserves.Try using a training golf putting mat like the Grassroots Par Three Putting Green - over a 120 satisfied customers give this trainer mat a 5 Star review.

“The Yips” is an affliction that causes a momentary shaking, twitching or freezing of your hands prior to putting the ball a lock-up if you like. 


Golfing “yips” is a psychological condition arising from the fear of missing the putt you are about to take. It has many forms ranging from a feeling of intense anxiety, frustration and being self-conscious of your position on the putting green.

When it is understood that the mental aspect of the golf game is responsible for the “yips” then it is possible to create a defense against it.

One of the most popular cures and the one you need to consider is to allow your mind to forget everything it previously knew about putting. 

As the problem is originally a mental problem you can only begin to De-condition yourself by removing the mental processes. For example if it took you 1 minute to settle yourself for a putt, now take 10 seconds, be so quick. It feels odd at first but you are changing your thought patterns. If you have a pre-putt routine forget it and create a new one.

It’s no longer required that you need to listen to your internal voice, turn it off and putt for fun

Try a golf alignment tool for your golf balls -  Softspikes Golf Ball Alignment Tool

The game is not that important in consideration of the grand scheme of things. No one, and most importantly you, will care if you don’t make the putt.

Golf is a game that you must relax when playing, there is no point if you walk away from the golf course with your head hanging, it really isn’t that important.

There is no need to remember anything or learn any new technique or practice more, if you have the yips the only thing you need to do is start afresh, and you do this by unlearning everything you have seen or read before. It is like you are pushing a reset button in your brain.

By realizing the yips is a fear caused by your mental outlook to all the methods you have acquired so far in your golfing life


You can remove the problem by removing the mental conditioning that causes the anxiety to form. Learn to let your mind empty of all thoughts and just hit the ball. You know you have to put the ball in the hole.

You have after-all used this club the most. It’s easy and your body knows exactly what to do. Visualize that ball sinking in the cup and hit the ball – that is all, nothing fancy is required. Sometimes nothing is better than something, and this should be you mind-set when putting to cure the yips.