Thursday, 4 December 2014

How to Relax on the Golf course first Tee Tips

Getting yourself in the right relaxed state is a strong part of the mental side of golf



Often tension overrides the natural swing, forcing the golfer to make errors. Learning to relax both mentally and physically will help you get off to a positive round. This positive start will carry you over the rest of the course too.

If you have problems relaxing on the golf course try listening to relaxation music before you tee off - I AM Wishes Fulfilled Meditation is well received by customers with over 230 clients giving this relaxation music a 5 Star.

Hit your easiest golf club even if the hole is long


Every golfer has a club that they hit well. Use your comfort club to cement a positive start. You will already feel relaxed when you take this club from your golf bag. This gives you the feeling that you can start the round on a positive mental note. Nothing is worse than hitting out-of-bounds (OB) or into a problem with your first tee-shot.

Breathe deep forcing your body to relax. Evaluate your breathing and slow yourself down

If you feel your heart racing due to the pressure of the tee then begin to breathe deep and exhale slowly. This will enable your body to calm itself down. Use a controlled swing that is not forceful.

People watching, including fellow golfers, will undoubtedly cause some psychological tension


Accept this pressure. It is only natural that people want to watch. But remember nobody can help you absolve this pressure only you have that power. Nobody is evaluating your play or critiquing your way of playing golf. Only your own thoughts are creating this pressure.

The importance of golf swing exercises to loosen your body


Perform squats to warm your legs, stretching the muscles too. Shaking your feet helps blood flow keeping your body supple. Rotate your body to warm that too. Exercising not only helps your body unwind but it also relaxes your mind. It may have been a week since you last played or longer therefore you are going to be slightly rusty. 

Warming up before playing golf will help your body remember what it has to do when you take your first tee-shot

Muscle memory will begin to flood back into your body. This puts you in a good position to hit an accurate tee-shot.

If possible hit some practice golf balls before you start your round

This gives you an advantage in that it will help you relax as you begin your round of golf. If the course you are playing on does not offer a driving range then take a handful of plastic training golf balls. These are ideal as they do not travel far with the advantage of helping you focus on your swing rather than distance.

Remember golf is just a game


It’s an enjoyable fun activity shared by all players. You are outside in wonderful nature. Enjoy the occasion, conversing with your playing partners, helping build social bonds. Don’t feel it is absolutely necessary that you hit your best shot ever from the first tee. Keep your head high as you approach the tee. Breathe deep whilst focusing on staying positive. Relaxation is your best friend when playing golf get to know each other well.


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