Monday, 11 July 2016

Tips on How to Choose Children's Golfing Equipment by Make Model – Brand Identity for Kids

Every child faces peer pressure and brand identity is a part of this process. Ask your child about his or hers golfing hero and they will also be able to tell you about brand identity. Many children play golf in a club environment, so there will be certain brands that have more credibility and acceptance than other less fashionable golfing brands.
Every kid wants to emulate their heroes and golf is the same. Your golf shop will be able to advise you of the most sought after brands; however you should also consult with your child when purchasing or choosing a set of junior golf clubs. A child will want to play with equipment that matches their hero. Allow them to have some influence in this decision as it will mean they want to play more golf and therefore become a better child golfer.

As much as every kid golfer has a hero they also have players they dislike. Imagine having to play with golf equipment or a golf set that there most despised player plays with and you’ll see why brand identity when choosing junior golf clubs is very important indeed.

How to Choose Junior Clubs – Just 7 iron putter PW and a Driver

Every competent golfer knows that club selection is important and that the maximum golf clubs allowed is a game of golf is 14. However kids don’t need this many golf clubs. Not only does it increase weight and therefore potential injury for a child’s body it also adds to the frustration of trying to understand what golf club to choose from a junior golf set.

It is recommended that 4 clubs should form the basis for your purchase. These are:

  • Driver
  • 7 Iron
  • Pitch Wedge
  • Putter

A 7 iron is easy to hit and will cope with most distances at a junior level. A pitching wedge will allow for creative and necessary lob or pitch shots onto the putting green. A putter of course is required for taking putts. A driver will be needed for getting decent distance off of the golf tee. These are the recommended gold clubs that should form the core of any junior golf club set. Learning how to choose these clubs will mean your child has the best chance of settling in and enjoying their golf game.

An Aluminum Driver for a Junior Golf Set is Fine

How to choose a driver is a hard part of any golf set yet for juniors it’s even more of a daunting question. It is recommended though to avoid steel drivers as well as graphite shafts (these are for people or kids with really high swing speeds). Instead an aluminum driver offers many advantages. They are light as well as well suited to a child’s slower club head speed.

Junior Golf Balls Softer Cover Spins More and Greater Distance

A decent set of clubs is not much if you’re buying the wrong sort of golf balls for your child. It is suggested that a ball with a softer cover spins more at both ball launch (from the tee shot) to iron and pitch play and shots around the course. A softer golf ball also produces better ball flight and distance which suits a junior better as it means they will get more distance from their golf shots. You should consider buying at least 12 soft cover golf balls to go with your youth golf clubs.

Putting with a softer golf ball is also fun because the putter to ball contact is reduced. This means your child is more likely to hit over the hole rather than pulling a golf putt short of the hole. The result of this is that your child will feel less frustration as they know they can get the ball in the hole with most putts, rather than missing by short putting.