Wednesday, 29 February 2012

When and how to lay up on the golf course

Deciding when to lay-up on a golf course is a tactical and strategic decision that will allow you to play to the best of your abilities. It is often ignored at the peril of the amateur golfer, resulting in more strokes on the score-card and a round of golf damaged beyond repair.

To “lay-up” is to play the ball shorter than normal to create the chance of the next shot being more favorable to the golfer. A golfer may hit a 7 iron with greater consistency than a Sand Wedge – so they are looking to get the ball as far away from the green yet within the distance the 7 iron will hit the ball.

Monday, 27 February 2012

The right kind of Golf Equipment

As strange as it may sound wearing the right kind of golf clothing helps make a huge difference to your golf round. It’s all about keeping at the most comfortable you can possibly feel whilst remaining at the right core body temperature. On a hot day keeping cool whilst playing golf helps maintain your focus as the golf round commences.

Similarly keeping warm on a cold or windy day helps your body stay relaxed and as supple as possible this ensuring your swing remains as fluid as possible.

Not often does a sport have so many variables so why not try and eliminate the most obvious? Choose a good set of clothing that maintains your core temperature and you’ll be way ahead of your playing partners.
Try it next time you play golf and see what difference it makes.

Just remember that fashion on the course does not make you a better player, rather a more temperate one!

Relaxation and the key to Golf Swing

As simple as it may sound – relaxing when playing golf is the key way to maximise both distance and accuracy. However its essential to remember not too relax too much! Otherwise if you do the swing falls apart, with all natural momentum disappearing in all directions. Over –aggression forces the muscles to tense, reducing the body’s natural swing momentum effectively stopping the transferral of pivot/energy momentum.

Often when playing (especially after a poor shot) the mind tends to stray towards over-aggression as a result of both lack of distance/.control or the feeling of frustration that wells up from poor play. A simple breathing exercise helps to focus the mind and aids a calmer shot preparation/action.

Keeping calm often requires a re-focus. Reigning in the emotions helps tone down the power that overkills a shot.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Amazing round of golf truly mind focused

Well after what seemed a while I managed to get a good round of golf under way this weekend. Having scored a paltry 17 point Stableford I decided to get a better round in next time I played golf.

As luck would have it I managed to secure a place at my local course Rivenhall Oaks at 9am. The weather was crisp, sunshine made the day seem like summer.

The course plays well; a tight approach to the greens keeps Iron clubs at the front of club selection, whilst some areas allow for a good drive with a preferred 10.5 loft Driver.

Hitting 310 yards to give a 130 yard shot for a chance at an eagle putt made the round very special. However Three-putting left me with a Par.