Wednesday, 28 August 2013

How to Repair a Broken Golf Shaft a Simple Solution

Learn how to repair a broken golf shaft

After a simple knock a golf club shaft can easily snap into 2 pieces. Simply hitting a tree on the follow through golf swing is enough to render most golf clubs obsolete sending the shaft splintering into several pieces. This applies for both Steel Shaft and Carbon Graphite shafts so don’t think your club can survive depending upon its construction material.

I managed to break my trusted Jack Nicklaus Polarity Hi-CT 7 Iron this weekend just gone, by simply punching my golf ball out from the side of a small 3 meter tree. Being aware of the problems a tree and golf club combination can produce I had in my mind to gently punch the ball out form an almost impossible lie, the punch shot resulting in the ball traveling 5 to 6 meters back onto the fairway giving myself a though but doable 3rd shot onto the green.

My back swing was very gentle and simple with no great momentum, I only had to dink the ball a few meters after all! Then SNAP lifting the club up after the shot I felt strange physics upon my shaft and handle. The club had snapped right in the middle, with the 2 pieces dangling on a single thread of steel – to my amazement I showed my golfing partners and they were as surprised as I was.

The solution to fixing my golf club shaft is to take it to my local pro shop in Rivenhall Oaks Golf Club and get it re-shafted and re-gripped. I’ll keep you posted upon the outcome.

Buying a new grip is the first part of repairing a broken golf shaft