Sunday, 20 February 2011

Short Game PW SW and a Lob Wedge from 35 yards to 150 yards

Well I went to the range and discovered some interesting factors - I try to concentrate on my short game at the moment, because as I see it this part of the game costs me so many shots. Now I can drive very well from the tee, mostly using a 4 or 5 iron to take me 190-220 yards, HOWEVER my problem is taking fat-shots into the green when I have only 100 to 60 yards to go.

So now I purely focus on improving the short pitch or chip shot into the green to get my GIR and allow me to 2 putt.

OF course from the Driving Range mat I think there is some forgiveness becuase the material (Astroturf) does not allow for the club to dig in like it might in winter - so it has some forgiveness. I thought abotu this today. But still my shots were generally strong because of 2 reasons:

1) I put 60% weight onto my front foot and accentuated my stance to be more forward than normal, this included tilting my hands forwards until they sit over my left thigh, then I openend my club-face about 10 degrees.

2) During the backswing I kept arms straighter than normal with no wrist-snap.

3) Forward swing really only got me back to my original position, making sure my hands were in front of the ball during contact

4) Forcefully stopped the swing early about waist height - to prevent wrist-snap

With my 60 degree Lob Wedge I was hitting upto 50 yards, SW was upto 80 yards, PW 80 to 120 yards, then a 9 or 8 iron as required upto 150

All from the mat!

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