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Sunday, 28 December 2014

What is the Titleist Performance Institute as a Golf Brand?

In terms of golf think of the TPI as the world’s largest education establishment built for the education and development of the game of golf as a sport.

The two connections between how the human body swings a golf club and the effect of how the club face hits the ball at impact is the reason the TPI exists. It provides education and development of how the human body functions in relation to the mechanics and biological elements of the Golf-Swing. Pretty impressive for a leading Golf Brand to take such a step but there’s more!

The TPI is for All Golfers

Think of the TPI as an academy dedicated purely to helping ALL golf players excel and you'll begin to understand its importance. It’s a new venture, so to speak, having been created in 2003, and you make ask why so late? Well it takes time to organize all of the educational and development tools that golfers can access. From leading tour players to weekend players with high handicaps the TPI welcomes all. 

Over the course of the years the TPI has collated thousands of pieces of data from all types of golf players and uses this to form the analysis that each and every golf swing is different. Think of being able to see how swinging a golf club the correct way is also the most efficient!

The Titleist Performance Institute Certified Program

But it isn’t just a members club. The TPI have produced a TPI certified program that recognizes the importance of education in golf. Think of it as a quality standard.

There are currently 6 fields of golf that organizations can gain recognition in:

  • Golf Coaching
  • Golf Mechanics
  • Medical
  • Fitness
  • Power
  • Junior Development

The Global Spread of the TPI

Although originating in the USA the Titleist Professional Institute stretched all around the globe, encompassing all countries that have or want to have an interest in golf.

With over 9000 Titleist Professional Institute Certified professional in 57 countries locating a TPI professional is very easy.

The TPI is really a condensed sports database that leads the industry in educating players through tips, analysis, biological and body structure, and speed golf drills all helping to improve in golf the grandest game of all.

The Philosophy of the Titleist Professional Institute

Essential understanding and education of how the body moves and its relation to the golf swing. This I totally agree with, and have had many great lessons focusing on the natural pendulums found in my natural bone structure.

Why is Health Important in Golf?

The importance of health and well-being is a key point of the Titleist Professional Institute. This again makes sense a healthy body equals a healthy mind, more receptive to learning and absorbing and better able to deal with the physical challenges of golf.
Efficiency is the key underlying the TPI’s philosophy of golf mechanics and the uniqueness of each golfer.

The Uniqueness of Each Golf Swing

The TPI understand that each player is different therefore an assessment of each golfer focuses on swing mechanics and biomechanics. Each golfer, whether professional, amateur, or a public golfer will have their overall physical fitness assessed. In addition TPI also monitor movement quality as each golfer has different physical challenges and conditions that will affect their game of golf. Health history is also considered an important aspect of why health affects golf so much.

Bespoke Assessment of A Golf Swing

This bespoke assessment then allows an individual to have a plan that focuses solely on their abilities. So many times I have seen coaches pass on information to someone who just isn’t in the same shape as say Tiger Woods as an extreme sample. You can’t play golf or learn how to hit the golf ball like Tiger as you’re not Tiger in both physical and mental terms!

Know you know what the Titleist Performance Institute is as a Golf Brand and why it focuses on golf education why not take a trip over to their Site and see for yourselves!