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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Golf really is only about Putting

Considering the most amounts of shots you’ll play in a round of golf will consist of putts it’s essential that you’re able to sink your putts as confidently as possible

Learn how to putt in golf
Putting is all about reading the green

Learning how to putt has to exist as a priority for every golfer. Firstly it’s necessary to record the amount of shots you take. When you score your card take note of the amount of putts you take on each hole. Anymore than two putts on a hole then there’s a problem that needs addressing to make you a better golfer.

Always ensure that you’re gripping the putter correctly


Although there are many different variations displayed by the professional golfer, the most traditional remains appropriate. The traditional grip features both your thumbs running down the putter handle forming a straight line, one above the other. Your fingers will naturally adopt a grip at the back of the handle.

It’s essential that you hold the putter firmly but not too tight


The analogy is to hold it like a tube of toothpaste exerting just enough pressure to squeeze but making sure no paste comes out. Keep your wrists firm and locked with your forearms, shoulders and chest. They should act as a single unit with no individual movement. The movement comes from the chest rotating as a single unit.

Never rest your putter on the ground keep it just hovering above the grass


Your legs should be supportive and firm with no movement up or down. When you can visit a local golf club and use their practice putting green. Many golfers don’t consider it necessary to practice the most used shot in golf. However you’ll see improvements in your game if you get used to the feel of putting. This remains especially important before your round commences.

Golf remains a very demanding mental game so you need to putt with confidence

Make sure that all obstacles are removed from your balls path. Leaves, twigs, worm-casts and small stones should all get removed prior to you taking your putt. A large part of being mentally focused remains trusting your minds-eye. This exists as a visual image in your mind of what you are going to do. It needs forming in your mind before you actually putt.

By taking into consideration the slope of a green and the condition of the grass


Whether or not the cup is up or down-hill from your putting position you will be able to clearly visualize in your mind the line you need to take to get the ball to drop. Now with your practice putts hit the imaginary ball and see it roll and drop into the hole.

Improving your golf putting through using the previous tips will see your score dramatically reduce. Keep you body aligned to the hole while ensuring your grip remains both correct and at the right pressure. Practice before a round keeping the mental image of how the ball rolls into the hole.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Stableford Scoring System - How it works

The Stableford Scoring System – What is it?

Stableford Scoring, works in combination with your handicap (whether it is a club handicap or an assumed handicap amongst a group of friends) awards golfers points for their score on each hole providing the NETT outcome is one over par or better. If not it is considered a BLOB (i.e. no points can be awarded and normally to speed up play a player will pick their ball up as they can’t score on that particular hole).