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Friday, 19 April 2013

Best Golf Balls 2014 Review and Picks - Bridgestone xFIXx

Bridgestone Golf seem to have the golf ball market head-on with familiar yet inspiring graphics in their determination to penetrate the ultimate billion dollar golf ball industry.

This review is without contemporary golfing bias but just serves as an honest insight into why this golf ball should sever you well during your rounds on the golf course. 

Picking the best golf ball is perhaps one of the most underrated aspects of golf today. Digest this review at your leisure. 

Firstly the E Series has dual dimple technology giving it unprecedented travel through the air and reducing airflow in contrast to many contemporary tour golf balls. Matt Kuchar and Brandt Snedeker seem to favour the illustrious fresh design of Bridgestone golf balls. They have a brilliant range to choose from for 2013 including:

Tour B330
Tour B330-S
Tour B330-RX
Tour B330-RXS

The elimination of seams and the implementation of SCT (Seamless Cover Technology) means the Bridgestone golf ball has no seams that can interfere with true dynamic air-flow around the golf ball during travel from the club face.

The less superior Bridgstone FIX - not as good as the e6

Bridgestone has been involved in golf ball design since 1935 and therefore has a very long pedigree when it comes to excelling in the golfing arena.