Thursday, 7 July 2016

Tips on Choosing Junior Golf Clubs for Your Child

How to Choose a Set of Junior Golf Clubs 


Any parent knows that kid’s golf is as important as the adult game. Choosing a set of junior golf clubs takes is as important as buying an adult golf set. Get it right and your child will learn the great game, get it wrong and they will rapidly lose interest. There are a few factors you need to be aware of when buying a junior golf set. These factors require feedback from your child as well as parental guidance. As we all know buying golf equipment is an expensive past-time, so getting the decision right from the beginning will not only make it easier on your wallet, but it mean you make less trips to the golf shop!

Just like choosing the best golf clubs for beginners deciding what junior golf set for your son or daughter requires understanding of the main 6 factors.

How to Choose the Size of a Junior Golf Set


Getting the size of youth gold clubs right is tantamount to ensuring they play well on the course and are not overshadowed by over-sized golf equipment. Do not believe that your child will “Grow into” golf clubs, they won’t. They need to fit well from the start. If you have the option you may want to try golf club fitting for your junior golf clubs. This will ensure that the clubs are tailored to your child’s height, weight, posture and alignment.

Decent junior golf clubs also come with a free golf bag. Just make sure that this bag fits well if it is a carry bag. If it is a cart bag make sure that it fits snugly into your kid’s golf cart.

How to Choose the Color of a Junior Golf Set

As much as the size of a set of golf clubs is important for your child so too is the color, getting color right is important. Every child has a preferred color choice and so a set of junior golf clubs should match your kid’s preference.

Everybody knows that having matching kit boosts self-confidence so when choosing your junior golf clubs always try to ensure that the color matches their existing golf equipment.
Nothing’s worse than having conflicting colors or using equipment in your least favorite color. Luckily in today’s golfing equipment market the range of colors is truly staggering.
Even from an early age every kid can get into golf. All it takes is a play set of golf clubs and sometime set aside to begin your child playing.

There’s no excuse for not matching golf clubs with other golfing accessories or your kids junior golfing clothing.

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