Thursday, 4 December 2014

Tips for Putting the Golf Ball from off the Green

When playing golf there will be many instances when you need to get on the putting green from a short distance. Most golfers automatically reach for a wedge club. 


However the less risky shot is to putt onto the green. It is the easiest shot to play as the club is flat faced so the ball will travel relatively straight. All that’s required are a few thoughts and considerations to the surrounds of the green.

Before putting from off the Green
Before you have reached for your putter you need to consider the distance and roll of the green approaches. Draw an imaginary direct line from your ball to the hole and consider how the slopes affect the ball. Check the length of the grass and its thickness. Obstructions that your ball will need to travel through will affect the pace of the golf ball. Are there any wet areas or boggy patches? All of these elements will affect the balls direction and how fast it will travel.

A heavy putter or winter putter will give you enough weight to confidently strike the ball from the green fringe areas.

Ball Position and the Lay of the Ball
A heavy putter will move your golf ball from the Green FringeA handy tip to know is how the ball is laying. If the golf ball is sitting up nice and crisp then all is good. If it is sunken in the fringe grass, then how you hit the ball will create bounce. The grass on the fringe will catch your putter if you putt to low to the ground. Instead you will need to chop down slightly making the ball pop out.

Blind hills and slopes that will reduce the speed of your golf ball
Before putting onto the green over a blind hill or slope check to see what lies behind it. The last thing you want is to putt over a hill into a bunker. Check how patchy the grass is and whether the slope will slow or speed your golf ball up.

The Golf Green the Fringe and GIR
It is essential that you read the green. Notice the slopes and the in what direction the green runs will need to be taken into consideration. If for example a slope forces your ball to the right before you get to the green, whilst the green runs to the left, then you will need to hit the ball straight taking note as the ball moves one way then the other to finish on the target! Remember though that a ball on the fringe is not counted as GIR - see the Greens in Regulation (GIRS) page on my blog for an explanation.

Putting onto the golf green is an essential skill to understand when playing golf. Not only is it a low-risk shot but if hit with the correct pace and path it will end up very close to the pin. This type of shot is considered by some as requiring no skill, but when played with the above tips you will amaze your golfing partners and yourself too.

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