Thursday, 4 December 2014

Tips for How to Keep Warm on the Golf course

Keeping warm when playing golf is not only essential as it helps keep your body supple, but it’s more comfortable when your are playing your round. 

Fortunately for the golfer there are several methods and tips to bear in mind that ensure when you are on the golf course you are warm. Playing golf in cold weather should not be a painful experience as long as you are as warm as possible.

Wearing Thermal Layers when on the Golf Course

The most obvious solution is to wear thin thermal layers. Not only are the merino wool thermals light and flexible, but most importantly they will also not create an impediment to you golf swing. By trapping layers of warm air between your body and outer clothing you are beginning to heat yourself up and providing protection from the external cold temperature.

Keep your Head Warm - Buy a Proper Golf Hat

Always wear a hat with the bobble-hat being the warmest option. The quality and knit of the wool will help protect your most vital golfing asset, your brain.

Keeping your Hands Warm

Gloves are an important option however there is one variant on the market that is in actual fact a mitten. This has the advantage that you can easily fit your gloved hand into the mitten and so it saves you having to remove your golfing glove on the golf course. In addition to his feature the other mitten can be attached to your golfing trolley and stays in place by a simple connector. This allows you to warm your hands when pulling your trolley. The mitten then stays in place when you remove your hand to take a golf shot.

Chemical Hand warmers such as HotHands work very well

Roll Neck Golfing Tops

Roll neck tops and sweaters are ideal as they cover your neck area and still allow full rotation when you hit the golf ball. Check with your golf club that is permissible during winter, although they should have no objections.

Many modern winter golf coats have a fleece lining which adds another warm and supple layer for the golfer.

Ensure you have a thermos in your Golf Bag

Carrying a flask is an ideal way to provide a warming hot beverage during your round of golf. You can fill it with coffee, tea, even a hot cordial such as blackcurrant. You will be very popular if you bring additional mugs or cups for your playing partners too! If your golf bag has additional space, then it is even possible to bring a flask of soup with you. Soup is ideal as not only is it warming, it is also easy to digest and can help prevent fatigue against the cold.

Reusable Chemical Hard Warmers for the Modern Golfer

Many golf shops also supply disposable one-off hand warmers which work by chemical reaction and can provide heat as required. Many other shops sell this product so it is always advisable to look for the best deal.

Why a Hip Flask is not a Good Idea

A hip flask, although it sounds tempting, is not a great idea as alcohol actually dilates your skins blood vessels which actually make you colder.

By following these common-sense tips for staying warm on the golf course, you will enjoy your golf much more than before. It really is important to keep warm so you can enjoy the round and concentrate on the golf.

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