Sunday, 7 December 2014

The importance of arm swing in keeping your body in a good golf backswing

Every golfer needs to understand the basic principles of their golf swing. Maintaining a correct posture ensures your golf swing stays consistent, while you maintain power through the transition of weight from back swing to forward swing. 


Ruling out inconsistency remains the key to reducing your score, thus lowering your handicap. An insight into the separate elements of a good posture can help highlight potential faults in your swing. Remember a powerful posture leads to a powerful golfer.

Discover the five basic elements help understand the correct outline for a great golf posture.

Weight distribution in the golf swing

Firstly, it’s essential that your weight’s distributed evenly on the balls of your feet.  The balls of your feet, relates to the area directly behind your toes. You should not feel pressure pushing you forwards or backwards. The weight remains in the balls of your feet keeping a centralized equilibrium.

Straight spine with bending at the hips when you start your golf swing

A good posture relies on keeping your back straight. This may feel unnatural but it helps as you take a back swing, by allowing your body to naturally pivot on its hips. To accomplish a straight spine you’ll need to bend forward at the hips, slightly exaggerating pushing your bottom outwards.

Why you need to have flexed knees when you begin your back swing

Keeping your knees flexed gently, acts as suspension for your body as you build up into your golf swing. If the knees remain locked, the back swing becomes forced, not allowing for a true, resistance-free golf swing.

Remember to keep the chin raised with head above the ball

By resisting the temptation to rest your chin on your chest you’ll create a back swing free from inhibition. Your body has natural pivot points that a good golfing posture will keep as free as possible. Your head position stays above the ball, with many golfers preferring to look slightly behind the ball.

In building your swing allow your arms to hang free

Your arms will naturally hang free from your shoulders. No effort’s required to keep your arms forward or backward from your feet. Your arms simply will hang loose without any tension. This gives your body the ideal way of moving from back swing to forward swing in one natural movement. Most importantly it allows your arms to return to their original position upon return of the back swing.

A good posture will feel normal, taking advantage of your body’s natural pivot points. Powerful posture follows from the principles of what your body can physically accomplish. Your body exists as a perfect biological machine. There’s no need to create unnecessary tension, or to force your body to move in a way it’s not designed too. 

Keep you weight evenly spread on the balls of you feet. Straighten your spine keeping your knees flexed. Keep your head above the ball and slightly behind. Allowing your arms to hang free will add to the natural pendulum effect required for a great golf swing. 

Remaining consistent with a great golf swing all leads from having a firm, well-established golf posture. Take time to ensure all the elements of your posture are correct. You’ll find you become a stronger, more proficient golfer.

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