Thursday, 4 December 2014

Your Minds Eye and Golf Ball Putting to the Hole

Over the course of a round of golf this will be the shot that you play the most and yet very little attention is given to either improving this part of your game or practicing it off the golf course.

Ideally what every golfer is looking for is to reduce their handicap, which in essence means to improve their golf. Now as a test of whether or not you need to improve this part of your game it would be wise and profitable the next time you play golf to record not only your score for each hole, but how many putts it took you too.

The Pinemeadow Golf Men's PGX Putter uses a great optic guidance system to focus your minds eye when putting. This helps you line up the putt to give it the correct trajectory before you putt.

What you should be looking for on your scorecard is to 2 putt only. Anymore than 2 putts a hole and you have problem with your putting technique which needs to be resolved. To emphasize this point if you take 3 putts every whole, you will increase you handicap by a staggering 18 points! Nobody wants to see this.

Why you need to 2 Putt - how to reduce your golfing score

On the positive side, if you aim to 2 putt each hole there will always be a very good chance that you 1 putt. This in effect will be a very big bonus not only to your scorecard, but your self-confidence as a golfer.

Unfortunately there are no secret formulas or tricks that can help you accomplish the achievement of putting every putt you see. However you can improve your technique so that you increase your percentage.

The power of the minds eye in golf

Your minds-eye is a great tool in getting that putt to sink. Minds-eye often refers to seeing the line the ball must take to drop-in the hole, for example close your eyes and watch the ball travel and drop in the hole, this is your minds-eye working! You have to see how the line shapes and moves the ball according to how the green slopes.

Now you have seen the line, next you need to consider the varying factors that can impede the balls movement. Ask yourself the question if the green slopes up or down, look at the length of the grass on the putting green and consider the moisture prevalent on the course. If there are any obstacles, twigs, worm casts, leaves then immediately remove them.

To help you get in the putting-mood it will be beneficial to take 2 or 3 practice putts away from the ball. You may be questioning how far to hit the ball, well here is a technique to help settle your minds-eye.

The pre-golf routine to reduce and lower your handicap

Firstly take a practice swing and really aim to hit the imaginary ball very hard well beyond the hole, say a percentage of 50% (plus) extra than is necessary.  Next take another practice swing at an imaginary ball and aim to massively under-hit the ball so it falls very short for example -50% (minus) distance. Your next practice putt will now settle between these two in terms of tempo and feel. This is the putt you need to make.
Step up to the ball and take the putt.

There is no need to allow or make your mind wonder, you have all the elements in place in your minds-eye.
You have:
  • The read
  • The line
  • The pace
All you need to get the 2 putt in the hole.

Have a look at the Scotty Cameron Golf Select Newport 2.5 Putter - RH 35" as a second resort if the above golfing  tips seem daunting. 

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