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Playing Golf with your Child and Learning the Course

Why playing golf with your child is an essential parenting responsibility

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Children due to their energy and curiosity can pick up most sports and extra-curricular activities much faster than an adult and therefore it's interesting to note what children can gain from learning to play golf.

Children will learn hand and eye coordination playing golf

Learning to play golf can provide an excellent source of continual eye-to-hand coordination. Every-time a child takes a swing he or she will learn how to rotate to provide power and synergy between their bodies, how each individual component of a swing is created and maintained. The ability to hit the ball will help focus their minds and create a stable platform to move very easily into other sports.


The absence of a referee in the game of golf!

Playing golf of course involves many rules however as there is not a physical referee children will learn that honor is a big part of golf. Being able to agree according to rules free from parental intervention and adult supervision will teach a child independence of thought and reasoning skills and the power of committee.

Kids will learn Golf Etiquette rules

Part of golf is based on etiquette, like for example not treading on your partners putting line, and accepting the player who won the last hole is first to tee-up on the preceding hole as they have the “honor”. Etiquette is about learning to respect other people and not thinking of the self.

This will provide a very good understanding of how their actions can affect other people.
Many golf clubs these days offer an academy for younger players and often feature regular competitions and events. Not only will this teach your child about competition and how to compete but it will also allow him or her to expand their social friendships and grow and develop their social skills.

Kids Golf and the sense of Competition

Belonging to a golf-club you help your child create a sense of belonging and being able to compete against other clubs will help germinate an appreciation of playing in a team and as an individual. You can help by carrying their golf bag in competitions to help bonding. You can be the Caddy!

Golf can also help improve a child’s self-confidence as much as playing golf has the similar effect for adults. Knowing that your child can hit a ball onto a green from a long distance will create the necessary confidence to succeed in other areas of life.

Golf is also a great form of exercise with an 18 hole course measuring around the 6000 yard mark it will often involve your child walking for around 3 to 4 hours depending on how many playing partners are present. Not only is this a good work-out for your child but it will also allow him or her to enjoy nature and revel in the fresh air and natural beauty of such a large expanse of land that is the modern golf course.

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